Ryan Huang

The Programmatic Marketer

The Programmatic Marketer

👋 Hi there, I'm Ryan! I enjoy helping businesses grow online. As a web developer and digital marketer, I use code to automate content creation and scale results for my clients. My superpower is leveraging technology to help companies reach more customers and boost revenue.

Fun Facts

  • I sold 3 million dollars of press release services.
  • I founded my high school's computer engineering club.
  • I ran one of the largest Dragon Ball Z websites in the world (circa 2005) — through my platform, I was able to conduct email interviews with the voice actors of Goku, Vegeta and score producer Bruce Faulconer.
  • In middle school, I created a website for a History Day competition in just 3 days, while others spent months. My website won at district and county levels, and reached state finals. This showed me the power of coding to accomplish things efficiently.
  • I coded my first website back in 1999 using HTML.


To gain insight into a man's thought process, observe the content he chooses to nourish his mind with.

I'd like to share a list of individuals who have inspired me. As I've matured and become less naive, I've come to recognize that some of these individuals are far from perfect. However, this doesn't alter the fact that their achievements have inspired me.

  • Jeff Bezos
  • Charles Koch
  • Dana White
  • Steve Jobs
  • Larry Ellison
  • Shawn Jay Z Carter
  • Chael Sonnen
  • Michael Bisping
  • George St. Pierre
  • Jon Jones
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov
  • Sean Strickland
  • Tupac Shakur
  • Cutis 50 Cent Jackson
  • Marshall Eminem Mathers
  • Clifford T.I. Harris
  • Tim McIlrath (Rise Against)
Historical Figures
  • Alexander the Great
  • Christopher Columbus
  • Zhuge Liang
  • Louis Sun King XIV
Content Creators
  • Joe Rogan
  • Alex Hormozi
  • Alex Becker
  • Sam Ovens
  • Tai Lopez
  • Patrick Bet-David
  • Grant Cardone
  • George Washington
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • John F. Kennedy
Military Leaders
  • George S. Patton
  • Erwin Rommel